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Single Screw Extruder


Puff corn snack food making machine adopt corn, rice, wheat, oat, barley etc as ingredients to make puffed snack. Through friction of screw and barrel, the grains are cooked in the extruder. Forming is at the die face cutter. The product shape is determined by a combination of the die aperture, including ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower etc.


Raw Material:

Corn, rice, millets, wheat, oat, barley etc as ingredients. The effect will be much better if  the materials  in powder(flour) or grits form.

Snacks food Products shapes:

This machine can produce different shapes through change the mould.Variety shapes are available for ball, tube, stick, ring, fruit loop, star, wheel and flower and heart shape by adjusting the mould in the extruder.

Main Data:

Model Capacity(kg/h)Main power(kw) feed power(kw)screw dia(mm)cutting power(kw)
45 30kg/h4.00.4Φ400.4
45-A 50kg/h5.50.4Φ400.4
55-A80kg/h 7.50.4Φ500.4
75-A 200-25018.50.55Φ700.55
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